Jacques’s shortened CV

Jacques de Villiers


Jacques is an outstanding and experienced businessman. He loves to guide people and businesses into successful financial destinies.

He has done his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and his B.Compt Honors, before he became a Chartered Accountant in 2004. After that he was a partner in an Audit firm before he started Sapphire Consult in 2012. He was on the Board of Directors of many companies and he specializes in Accounting and in Tax Structures.

Jacques is a Minister of the Gospel and the CFO of Powerhouse International. He knows the Bible well and he hears the voice of God very clearly. All around the world he presents courses in Kingdom Finances where he trains people to understand Biblical principles of finances.

He carries the Joseph’s anointing and many people consult him regarding their personal finances. He is involved in many businesses where he is giving sound financial advice as well as guiding them in implementing financial strategies to be successful. The impact and positive effect of Jacques’ life and advice, is seen in the positive transformed financial situations of many people and businesses.

Jacques is a giver and a Kingdom Financier and he loves to equip and empower others to become Kingdom Financiers.