A personal prophetic intercessor, who will pray a certain amount of hours for your company, will be appointed for you. This may change your company’s future forever!

Our goal in the on-going monthly intercession and prayer is to function as a part of your support team, cheering you on and agreeing with heaven for His best for you in all things. Strategic intercession is like the air force that goes ahead of the ground troops, clearing the way for you to do all that He has called you to do, and to take and possess the land He has given.

Companies prayed for, will experience Divine direction from God as well as supernatural favor and breakthroughs.

When you have contracted one of our prophetic intercessors, you are welcome to contact that person regularly and during emergencies to intercede for you and your business.

You will also receive a monthly comprehensive summary report from your intercessor about what he/she experiences what God is saying regarding your business.

Many of our clients feel that the reports are one of the best parts of the month, and they look forward to receiving what the team was getting, and how the Lord has led them to pray!



1st Session Free

A person flowing in the prophetic will sit with you to listen what God is saying to you and about your business. Between sessions, this person may contact you if God is giving you a prophetic word, a warning for your business or direction for the road ahead.

When the word is delivered, it is between you and God to discern if this word is for you or not. The prophetic person will only deliver the word and not ‘check-up’ on you regarding actions taken from your side.

Prophetic words may positively change the financial course of your business in a dramatic way.

A Prophetic Coaching call is available to you would take place with one of our Director’s or Prophetic Team and would be a one-on-one discussion for specific targeted input. Coaching calls are billed out at R350.00 per hour (or part of it) and can be a powerful time of revelation and obtaining keys to blockages, strongholds, and gaining understanding and perspective on a deeper level as to where you are now, and where the Lord is leading.


1st Session Free

An expert in Kingdom principles and financial experience, will discuss the finances of your business with you in order to suggest Kingdom Strategies that will benefit your business and might raise your profit margin.

These sessions will include budget, financial strategies, tax structures, marketing, profit margins, Kingdom principles, etc.



1st Session Free

An experienced Business Coach will be available to facilitate you in reaching higher levels of success. The coach will inspire you and guide you how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

You will be positively motivated and inspired and there will be mentoring available to reach heights previously not attainable.